The Traveler Essay on Enjoying Time in Bazar Café in Montreal

Peculiarities of Traveler Essays

The essay is one of the most wonderful genres in the literature. It does not establish a rigid framework for expressing the author’s thoughts, does not tire the reader in large volumes and complex formulations. Learn how traveling and writing can be connected in this essay online.

The traveler essay is not a difficult literary genre, so every traveler has a chance to compose it. The key thing to remember is that any traveler essay should be primarily a personal history, i.e. necessarily describing their own incredible impressions and thoughts from meeting a certain object or place, and not just a list of places visited.

This is what distinguishes the traveler essay from the more utilitarian genre of travel history, i.e. guidebooks. At the same time, one should not forget that great adventures can be experienced without even traveling far, but the experience of staying in one place will be unique to each person in any case.

Picturesque Views Around Bazar Café

This time let’s make a short but exciting trip to Bazar Café in Montreal that truly deserves the title Canadian “small Italy”. From the very first sight, you can’t stand but fall in real love with this fascinating place and look forward to experiencing its atmosphere with the hint of magic.

That’s true that the neighborhoods around Bazar Café give a traveler a good opportunity to face a “little Italy” along the overcrowded year-round and fancy Saint-Lawrence Boulevard. The cozy atmosphere that inspires people for the whole day!

Although famous for its incredible cafeterias with Italian fleur, never ignore visiting the Jean-Talon Market that is defined by the travelers as one of the huge markets not only in Canada but in the USA! It welcomes its buyers year-round, people enjoy buying fruit and vegetable situated outside the main building, while the desire for delicious products draws people indoors to meat departments, unordinary cheese sets, desserts stalls, and, especially, for regional delicacies such as rare meat products.

One Sunday my best friend and I was walking around Rue Beaubien looking for a cozy place to have a chat and something a bit different from the standard breakfast in ordinary Montreal’s cafes and restaurants and happened to find out the Bazar Café by accident. Thank God we did!

Observe the Mystery of Cooking Process

Chefs Cooking

What impressed us to the highest extent is that everything is coming out of the café’s kitchen, and it’s an open kitchen so we could watch the things go out. That looked really breathtaking! It’s nice when you get the chance to see a group of chefs cooking especially for you aromatic paella or Le Monte Cristo dessert (the tastiest dessert ever, really worth trying at least once). You feel as if being a part of the secret process of creating a food “chef-d’oeuvre” and you feel ready to feel that moment forever.

Surprisingly Excellent Food


Their food really deserves applause. Those who are planning to visit Bazar Café should taste La Marocaine. That’s a great balance of fresh herbs and a bit of a spicy bite. The Croque Madame (egg, duck confiture, and eggplant) is a really delicious masterpiece. You really could feel that each dish was made with love and respect for the guests. They pay attention to details and quality there.

Portions are really generous (after having breakfast, you forget about the hunger for the next 5-6 hours).

Friendly Stuff

The stuff is friendly and helpful. If you doubt while choosing a dessert (actually, it’s difficult to choose the one as you want to buy the whole dessert menu at once), the waiter, simply by asking a few appropriate questions, will bring you the ideal dessert. This moment you feel privileged as the service in this café is really on high “expensive restaurant” level.

Moreover, this place is baby-friendly. So, if you travel with your kids, be sure they always find a nice place with toys for your children while you will enjoy time in Bazar Café.